SS3(Ultrasonic Squeezing device)

The industry's first ultrasonic bite prevention device that improves seal quality.

●Optional device for liquid filling packaging machine.
●Production capacity is greatly increased because raw materials that could only be filled intermittently can now be filled continuously.
●Since it has the effect of reducing fine raw materials in the sealing part during continuous filling, the sealing strength is greatly improved.

Automatic Powder and Granule Packaging Machine and Automatic Liquid and Paste catalog download


Liquid, paste, liquid mixed with particles.
[Example of liquid containing grains]
Salad dressing., barbecue sauce, etc.

Packaging speed

MAX 165 bag/min
*The packaging speed varies depending on the physical properties of the filling material and film, and the amount of filling.
The above performance is not guaranteed for all fillings.

Bag length

70 to 160mm

Bag width

MAX 120mm

Air consumption


Compatible models

FR5 FR3 MR10 GR1



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