We would like to fill small bags with our new product, but is it possible with SANKO’s packaging machines?

Kindly check the Product characteristic, and the amount will fill, film size, and film type in advance, and please do give us a contact by phone or e-mail for any consultation needed.
We also provide free trial test about the inquiries given with product and film provide by your company.

We are considering purchasing a packaging machine.
I would like to see the actual packaging machine, is that possible?

If you contact our sales department in advance, a factory tour is possible.
It is also possible to demonstrate the operation of the test packaging machine.

I would like to pack a liquid of about 1 liter.Is it possible?

I’m sorry, but it is not supported.
Our packaging machines are intended for packaging bags called “small bags”.
The maximum filling volume is 500cc for liquids and around 200cc for powders.
*The above figures are estimates. It depends on the properties of the products and the packaging film and the production conditions.


Please feel free to contact us for any questions or consultations regarding our products and technology.

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