Developed the L-sealer packaging machine for the first time, we have been bringing a vast innovation for the packaging industry for more than a half century.
Always developing new technologies, we have been a leader of the small pouch packaging machine.

Liquids & pastes, powders & granules, stick packaging to high-speed rotary packaging, various type of packaging line up is our strength.

For more than 2,000 customers from overseas and domestics depend on our technologies and trust.

Reliable technology with history

SANKO has acquired more than 130 patents (including expired patents). Starting with the L-sealer type packaging machine, there are many technologies that have become the standard in the packaging industry, such as the basic patent for the stick packaging machine. It is no exaggeration to say that the history of our technological development is the history of small pouch packaging.

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Answer your every need

Liquids & pastes, powders & granules... we have a solution for packaging any raw material into a sachet. In recent years, we have continued to evolve to meet customer needs, such as developing a device (SS3) that uses ultrasonic waves to prevent the filling from being caught in the sealing part.

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Customer-first policy

We not only manufacture original packaging machines that meet customer needs, but also propose production lines. We also conduct packaging tests using actual films and fillings. We always provide services that put customer needs first, such as remodeling and improving outdated packaging systems.

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Global network

We have many achievements overseas, such as spreading stick sugar in Europe in the 1990s. We have two factories in Thailand, and in recent years, we have been actively introducing our products to customers in Asia. We have distributors in the USA, Italy, Australia, and South Korea, and have developed a global service network.

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When you want to establish or expand a production line in your factory

We modify SANKO's packaging machines according to the various requests and usage conditions of our customers, design and develop packaging machines exclusively for customers, and provide them as packaging systems. It is also possible to design and develop a completely new product to meet the customer's request.

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After maintenance service

In addition to explaining how to use the packaging machine, we also provide detailed maintenance services after delivery of the packaging machine. In addition, we overhaul the customer's old packaging machines and packaging lines, and remodel the packaging systems currently in use to make them easier to use.


Packaging test service

This is a service in which we entrust you with actual fillings and films and conduct packaging tests in our in-house test room. In a clean environment, we reproduce the customer's temperature and humidity environment and conduct a filling test. Each representative model is always installed in a total of 3 rooms, so it is possible to respond to urgent test requests.


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