The weight of the powder filling or solid filling is weighed before filling into the bag.(7-lines)

Micro-volume weighing requires a stable supply of product from the storage hopper to the scale.
This is made possible by our unique method of combining ""reliable scraping from the hopper by rocking or rotating"" and ""stable transport and supply with a straight feeder"".
*Patented Japan Patent No. 6126370 Japan Patent No. 5936978
●Highly accurate weighing by perfect proportional control.
●Space-saving and can be installed anywhere.
●Sanitary specifications. All product contact parts can be removed without tools.


Dry food, solid food, etc.
(Limited to small pieces)

[Dry food example]
Fried tofu, minced fried naruto, wonton, FD pork, clams, salmon, mashed potatoes, nozawana, cabbage, bok choy, wakame seaweed, green onions, carrots, hijiki, lotus root, garlic, pumpkin, tapioca, ginger, mushrooms

[Solid food example]
Chocolate, almonds, hail, croutons, corn flakes, walnuts, square-cut seaweed, dry pet food, tea leaves, wheat gluten, Komachi wheat gluten, flower wheat gluten, red pepper, granola, shredded seaweed, dried shavings

Packaging speed

MAX 90 bag/min

Packaging volume

0.1 to 10g

Machine size dimension

* Varies depending on the specifications of the installation stand.



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