Outer bag packaging machine for large bags.

An outer bag packaging machine that packs multiple parts and small bags together.
Costs can be kept down by using only PE packaging.
●Jointing is also possible with machines other than our packaging machines.
●Specifications for large bags.

Package shape

Outer bag

Packaging speed

When bag length 165mm, 12bags/min max.
When bag length 330mm, 6bags/min max.
When bag length 495mm, 3bags/min max.

Packaging volume

8kg max.

Bag length

100 to 495mm

Bag width

300 to 450mm

Power source

3-phase, 200VAC, 5kW at peak, 1.5kW on the average

Air consumption

0.5Mps, 150 to 450NL/min

Machine size dimension

1,200(W) × 1,350(D) × 1,700(H)

Machine weight

Approx. 550kg

Standard device

Photocell pattern matching unit
Film End detector unit
Air pressure malfunction detection unit
Product counter unit


Film joint detector unit
Perforation unit
Pico scale
Bucket conveyor
Product carry-out conveyor – 600 mm
Hot printer
Thermal printer
Intermediate shutter unit
Small bags input conveyor
Punching unit (air hole)



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