Simple model of powder three -sided seal wrapping machine For small lots, for multi -product. * Model with no touch panel * For the world market

It is suitable for packaging not only powders and grains, but also dried ingredients for instant noodles and sugar.
●For small lots and a wide variety of products.
●It is space-saving and can be installed anywhere.
●Easy maintenance due to simple structure and small size.
*For overseas market.
*Model without touch panel.

Automatic Powder and Granule Packaging Machine and Automatic Liquid and Paste catalog download

Package shape

3-side sealing



Packaging speed

60 to 120 bags/min.

Packaging volume

60 cc max.

Bag length

30 to 125 mm

Bag width

30 to 100mm

Power source

3-phase, 200 VAC

Machine size dimension

830(W) × 730(D) × 1,725(H)mm

Machine weight

Approx. 300 kg

Standard device

Photocell pattern matching unit
Film End detector unit
Heater abnormal temperature detector unit
Product counter unit
I notch unit
Cutter unit
Packaging film pull-out roll(motor type)
Turn-table filling device
Product carry-out guide
Product carry-out conveyor – 600 mm


Film joint detector unit
Empty bag detection unit
Pour spout sealing unit
Seal cooling unit
Biting detection unit for seal
Perforation unit
Packaging film braking unit
Static electricity eliminator unit
Packaging material section cover
Packaging material section full cover
Variable volume type turn-table filling device
Auger filling device
Feeder device
Pico scale
Bucket conveyor
Turn-table knocker unit
Chute vibrator unit
Chute knocker unit
Teflon coated former pipe
Teflon coated intermediate chute
Contamination collection device
Two-tiered hopper
Level sensor unit
Mesh filter in hopper
Nitrogen gas flashing unit
Preset number shutter unit
Auto reject discharger unit
Hot printer
Thermal printer
Ink jet printer
Stamping unit
Air blow gun
Control panels(display devices optional)
Calendar timer
Warning light unit
Raising base
Air compressor device
Air dryer device



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