Bestseller of the world of stick packaging machines. Compatible with high -speed mass production with a wide configuration.

In the field of multi-row stick packaging machines in Japan, this model is the first to be equipped with a touch panel for inputting bag length and production speed, and a servo motor that enables precise operation, and has become a best-selling model in countries around the world.

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Package shape

Stick bag



Packaging speed

10 to 110 bag/min.per line

Bag length

20 to 190mm

Bag width

10 to 60mm / 620mm

Diameter of packaging film


Power source

3-phase 200VAC,50/60Hz,6kW at peak,3kW at average

Air consumption


Machine size dimension


Machine weight


Standard device

Safety unit(Interlocks)
Control board: touch panel
Photocell pattern matching unit
Flexible handle for adjusting the position of the photocell pattern alignment unit
Film joint detector unit
Film End detector unit
Film shortage warning unit
Heater abnormal temperature detector unit
Air pressure malfunction detection unit
Product counter unit
Push-type vertical sealer unit
Vertical sealer automatic opening unit
Cutter unit
Packaging film braking unit
Packaging film pull-out roll(motor type)
Packaging film shaft left-right moving device(motor type)
Packaging material section cover
Packaging material section full cover
Slide mass weighing and filling device
Two-tiered hopper
Product carry-out guide
Auto reject discharger unit
Air blow gun
Film edge cutting unit
Film edge eject unit(by air blow)


Remaining film indicator unit
Heater disconnect detection unit
Empty bag detection unit
Pour spout sealing unit
Grip-type vertical sealer unit
Seal cooling unit
Biting detection unit for seal
I notch unit
Perforation unit
Packaging film roll guider unit
Static electricity eliminator unit
System for handling large packaging film
System for handling φ520mm packaging film
Turn-table filling device
Auger filling device
Feeder device
Pico scale
Bucket conveyor
Turn-table knocker unit
Chute vibrator unit
Teflon coated former pipe
Teflon coated intermediate chute
Contamination collection device
Level sensor unit
Mesh filter in hopper
Nitrogen gas flashing unit
Packing conveyor
Timing shutter unut
Preset number shutter unit for multi line
Product carry-out conveyor – 600 mm
Hot printer
Hot roll printer
Thermal printer
Ink jet printer
Stamping unit
Film edge eject unit(by motor)
Control panels(display devices optional)
Calendar timer
Warning light unit
Auto-splicerit device
Raising base
Air compressor device
Air dryer device
Intermediate shutter unit
Small bags input conveyor
Punching unit (air hole)



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