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Stick packaging machine
powder & granule packging machine
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스틱 자동 충전 포장기

Standard machine for stick packs.Best selling machine in the world.

Standard devices

  • Heater temperature monitor
  • Film end stop device
  • Abnormal air pressure stop device
  • Total counter
  • Preset counter
  • Pattern matching devise
  • Film joint detector
  • Detective removal devise
  • Edge slit removing device
  • Horizontal sealing position changing devise of dial type
    (used for matching the pattern)

Mounted with multi-line auger filler for the first time in the industry.

Stick-type multi-auger filling packging machine is the first machine in the packaging machine industry.

  • By virtue of the auger filling device,packaging of fine powder and powder of low fluidity,which was impossidle until this machine is placed on the market,is possible.

Beautiful and strong packaging

  • Since powder is filled near the sealing part,on powder is blown up and therefore no powder remain in the sealing part.

Easy to change the filling volume.

  • The filling volume can be changed by the touch panel during filling operation.Feedback control is pssible by interlocked operation with the weight checker.

Sanitary operation

  • The powder is not exposed to the atmosphere during flow from the auger hopper into the bag. So,the operation is sanitary.Since the packaging is carried out under airtight condition,the ratio of replacement with netrogen is high.

Clean environment and operator-friendly machine

  • Since no dust is generated even when fine powder is being filled,the environment is not contaminated.

Easy setup change for different bag size

  • The setup can be changed with ease for change of the bag length by the touch panel.For change of the bag width,the machine is with ease by the special method peculiar to Sanko.

Simple and compact version of FC series machine.

Standard devices

  • Temperature monitor
  • Film end stop devise
  • Abnormal air pressure stop device
  • Patten matching device
  • Eddge trimmer air gun
  • Total counter
  • Preset counter
  • Horizontal seal air expelling roller
  • Cutter guide
  • Slider

Designed for packaging all kinds of viscous products.

Automatic stick-type filling and packaging machinse for liquid

  • Since the filling nozzle moves up or down in synchronization with the horizontal sealing device,this machine can be used for liquids of any viscosity.(Patent No.3347996)
  • The moving up and down speeds,upper and lower stop positions,and timing of the filling nozzle can be controlled digitally.
  • Since the distanse from the pump to the horizontal sealing device has been reduced by installing the pump on the top of the machine,contamination of the sealed surfaces with the liquid has been reduced.
  • The use of a nozzle of a special shape peculiar to Sanko's machines prevents contamination of the nozzle tip,making filling nitrogen possidle.
  • By virtue of use of bag making rolls peculiar to Sanko's machine,changing the material to be filled and subsequent adjustment are easy.
  • Owing to the bag length changing system develoed by Sanko. to change the bag length is easy.

Simple settings and changes through touch panel
(for package length, mark control, etc.)

The FC80 Serise satisfies customers'various requirements and,as a result,it has following features.

  • Setting and changing bag length are very simple and easy.They are performed only by pressing the touch panel with your finger.
  • The operation of the box motion can be set to the optimum conditions for the material to be charged,because up and down movement of the horizontal sealing device is driven by the servo-motor.The material data can be stored and registered in the memory.(Patented)
  • The data of charging timing, the position of pattern matching,and defective products discharging timing for various packaging can be stored in the memory.
  • lt is possidle to connect an auger filler,quantity measuring device,mass measuring device,and so on to this machine.
    (Patent No.3338377)
  • The cut position of the products can be chenged with ease by use of the dial.

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